Introducing an evolution of the quick release interface and dropout design, the “Motionless-End”.


While close to 90 years have passed since Tullio Campagnolo’s invention of the quick release, improvements such as vertical dropouts and thru-axles have not been without their problems.
The Motionless-End addresses these problems by:

• improving axle retention

• decreasing the necessary force for properly securing a hub or wheel

• maintaining the convenience of traditional quick release levers




Through a unique design of the dropout shape, axle slippage and movement are eliminated, resulting in safer engagement of the wheel.  

1. The convenience of current quick release levers is maintained, with no need to purchase new components such as hubs, skewers or wheels.

2. Proper engagement of the axle/hub is achieved with a bare minimum of pressure at the lever. Because of this decreased force at the quick release lever, people with lower hand strength can easily and safely secure the hub/wheel. 

3. The tendency for end-users overtightening quick release levers is eliminated. As long as the quick release is closed within reasonable tolerances the axle will not slip inside the dropout. With this new dropout and under normal riding conditions, technically there is no need for a quick release skewer.  

4. Reduced lateral pressure on the bearings increases the longevity of the wheel components.

5. Designed to be implemented on steel frames by replacing the dropout.

6. Compatible with future iterations of quick release skewers and levers.

7. Compatible with future iterations of hubs.


The current quick release interface relies on a certain amount of force at the lever to secure the hub axle within the fork end or rear dropout. While at rest, the necessary clamping force of a quick release lever to secure the wheels is very low, especially when the bicycle is on the ground with gravity pulling down on the frame to keep everything in place. But during riding, forces from pedaling and varying chain tension can cause the axle displacement. Deceleration and braking forces also cause movement of the axle. In the worst case scenario, these forces may cause the wheel to detach from the bicycle. The “Motionless-End” solves these problems.


To an extent, innovations such as the vertical rear dropout have alleviated some of these issues.  Even with the vertical dropout though, it is necessary to apply a strong amount of force at the lever to ensure against axle displacement during hard acceleration. 



Thru-axles have mostly eliminated the issues of axle displacement. But for most consumers, taking advantage of thru-axle technology involves purchasing a new frameset and compatible wheels. At the same time, it requires the consumer to familiarize themselves with proper thru-axle usage and care. 

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Motionless-End Disc Dropout

A new implementation of the dropout and disc brake caliper mounting


Current design of disc brake compatible fork ends and rear dropouts separate the actual end from the disc brake caliper mount, as well as mounting the disc rotor to the hub. During acceleration and braking this design causes the dropouts, axle and rotor to move independently of the brake caliper. The separate motion of the various disc brake components decreases the integrity of the entire disc brake system. This loss of integrity can cause a decrease in the performance of disc brake system, added rolling resistance, and brake noise.


The Motionless-End integrates the dropout and disc brake mount into one unit, virtually eliminating the independent motions of the disc brake components. By synchronizing the movements of the dropout, axle, caliper and rotor, performance is increased.


Advantages of the Motionless-End Disc Dropout

• Brake noise is significantly reduced.

• Brake rub at the rotor is also significantly reduced.

• Fork and frame production is simplified as well as allowing for more creativity in frame design.

• Left and right rear dropouts are designed to be similarly implemented and attached to the frame for aesthetic balance and appeal.


Advantages of Using the Motionless-End for Frame Builders

• Using the Motionless-End will distinguish your frames and bicycles from those using standard dropouts

• The Motionless-End and its ease-of-use will appeal to just about every consumer who has ever had problems with properly adjusting or closing a quick release lever

• By shortening the separate alignment processes of the dropout and brake mounts, productivity is increased

• Wheel detachment during riding is virtually eliminated which ensures a safer bicycle. Similarly, accidents due to improper tightening of the quick release lever by the consumer should be reduced.

• Brake noise issues will be significantly reduced leading to higher customer satisfaction with the end product.


Dropout, Frame Component and Frame Parts Manufacturers:

Take advantage of all the benefits of the Motionless-End by changing the dropout shape of your current products. These benefits are not only for disc brake related components and parts. The Motionless-End can also be used in conjunction with other braking systems such as side-pull calipers, cantilever and direct-pull brakes.


Hub and Quick Release Lever/Skewer Manufacturers:

As mentioned, the benefits of the Motionless-End are numerous. Manufacturing hubs and/or quick release levers specifically for the Motionless-End maybe very symbiotic and beneficial.  


Inventor of the Motionless-End


Toshiyuki Kimori

KIMORI Ltd, founded in 1990

Specializing in the machining, manufacture and design of bicycle 

related components, including frames and suspension

Numerous patents held

Instructor, Tokyo College of Cycle Design



Koichi Sato

Life Bike

Framebuilder with workshop/studio in Shibuya, Tokyo 

Graduate of Tokyo College of Cycle Design 


For more information or to set up and appointment or demonstration,

please contact:

Life Bike: lifebiketokyo at


Please contact the license contract.

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Motionless-end (w/ disc mount)  

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Motionless-End (standard)

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Front dropout (1 version)

Motionless-End (w/disc mount)

Weight: 160g (approx. 5.6oz)


Price: $38 (USD)




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 Tube Japan Kaisei 019 

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 rug or no rug

fork street or bent 

1inch or 1-1/8inch 


Use Motionless-End (w/disc mount)



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